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Scientific contributions

Dr. Tyagi’s efforts since the beginning of his career have been focused on unraveling the mechanisms associated with the control and amelioration of human diseases.  His early work at NIH led to the elucidation of mechanism of action of the anti-cancer drug, L-alanosine.  He also made significant contributions in elucidating the role of polyamines in cell growth and differentiation.

After his returned to India in 1983, his laboratory has made seminal contributions towards understanding the molecular biology of Mycobacterium and control of tuberculosis - a disease that  is responsible for the loss of more than 50,000 lives every week worldwide.  His early work on the transcriptional signals of mycobacteria has provided an insight into the process of transcription and gene expression in mycobacteria and has revealed the divergence of mycobacterial promoters from their counterparts in other bacteria.   By employing these mycobacterial promoters, his group developed a repertoire of expression vectors, which have been extremely useful for a number of TB investigators in India and abroad in genetic manipulations of mycobacteria.

For the last more than 15 years, the efforts of Dr. Tyagi’s group have been focused on two broad areas, (i) development of candidate vaccines against tuberculosis and (ii) Drug discovery programme for new therapeutic interventions against tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis Vaccine Development Program

Tuberculosis Drug Discovery Program

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